About The Tasting Team

All our team members are qualified RSA trained staff and undergo mandatory product training sessions before they begin work. We encourage staff to engage all members of the public entering the licensed venue, although someone may not be the 'typical' target audience for a product.

Staff are trained to develop a rapport with customers, bring a high level of energy to all sampling sessions as well as have a warm and positive attitude. All members of the team maintain a high level of professionalism in both their performance and appearance.

Our staff come fully equipped with more than just product knowledge, we make sure they have all the tasting equipment that they need. This includes a uniform, tasting table, table cloths, cups, laminated tasting notes and any paraphernalia which the company may have.

The Tasting Team coordinates tasting sessions throughout Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane. We have a centralised team based in the Perth Metro area, as well as staff in the Mandurah, Peel Region and the South West region of Western Australia.

The Tasting Team workshop Four Wives craft beer